Current Artists


Carol Ehrlich Designs

 Fabric landscapes and bowls, glass beaded bracelets

Bolton, MA

Part of Carol Ehrlich’s destiny was forged in

kindergarten. She remembers her first art

project vividly and has been in love with

creating beautiful works of art for others to

appreciate ever since. Some of her latest

adventures include fabric landscapes,

cityscapes, abstracts, and bowls, as well as

glass beaded bracelets.

Carol has lived in Bolton for the past thirty-

four years. In addition to her art she runs

her own business as a professional

organizer and home stager, helping people

get uncluttered and organized, as well as

ready to sell their homes.

Carol can be reached at: 978-779-5439


Andrea Akerib

 Functional Potter

Billerica, MA

I make functional and decorative pottery. I think of myself as a wheel thrower. There is nothing more fun than throwing a large bowl on the wheel or making a bunch of mugs. There is a rhythm to making something on the wheel that is both fun and relaxing


John Barrett

Meaningful Jewelry Berlin, Massachusetts John has been creating meaningful jewelry since 1970.  He started out, under the guidance of his friend, Frank Geminden, making spoon rings at rock concerts and craft shows. During this time, they met another jewelry maker, Del Schuller, who created jewelry from coins. Del showed them how to drill and cut the metal to create meaningful designs. After moving to Delaware in 1972, John learned how to create Champleve enamels from Douglass Veirity, who was an Australian creating exquisite cloisonné enamels. He worked at a craft workshop in Chads Ford, PA perfecting his Champleve enameling technique. Since that time, John has received several awards for his work that have been sold in many craft shows as well as displayed on Madison Ave in New York City. In total, John brings over 47 years of craftsmanship experience to his jewelry making.  He makes all his jewelry in his home in Berlin, MA. and welcomes customized requests from customers. 


McKayla Carville

Glass Artist

A recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, McKayla has been the glass artist in residence at the Worcester Center for Crafts for the past two years. She also creates handblown glass bowls for Serve Kindness with her colleagues at the Bubble Factory. Follow her on Instagram @mkcarville.


Judy Dempewolff

 Functional, Useful Pottery

Berlin, MA

When my children left home I decided to try different types of artistic pursuits. I am a Clinical Psychologist, and need something for my own therapy! I did some acting, some drawing and painting, and then tried ceramics. I find that making pottery suits me, since there are many aspects to the process. There is throwing, decorating, mixing glazes, choosing colors, firing the pots. I have a wheel and kiln in my basement, and I also continue to take classes at Community Kiln in Framingham. I am always learning new things.


Joe Iandiorio

 Wood Turning & Photography

Bolton, MA

The joy in turning is that each piece is a surprise.  The type of wood: walnut, maple, mahogany, cherry dictates the grain and hue but only the turning can reveal the rich, unique patterns and colors hidden in the gnarly, neglected stump with which you start.  Sometimes in the eagerness to see what’s hidden that causes a rush can instead result in green wood that warps and splits.Photography is a way to capture a motion you see only instantaneously and may never see again.  It is more in the instant than science, more feeling than planning. 


Paul Mikelk

Copper Work

Berlin, MA

I have always been fascinated by what can be created with metal and copper provides a platform for many different applications.  Texture and sculpting techniques can give a raw piece of copper a unique look and feel.  The addition of patinas unearth the beautiful colorations often seen when copper has been exposed to the elements for years.  Heating copper to various temperatures brings forth an exquisite spectrum of color that makes copper such a unique metal to work with.


Cheryl La Robediere


Fabric Art, Baby booties and bibs

Berlin, MA

CJ Dow Studio

I have been drawing, painting and crafting items for as long as I can remember. I grew up on an island off the coast of Maine. 

I create my own quilt designs aided by the education I received at the New England School of Art as a graphic design student. I enjoy every step of the process to create each quilt from pattern drafting, fabric selection, piecing the design together and completing the final quilt. 

When my first grandchild was born we couldn't find booties to stay on her feet so I experimented with several designs and came up with something that worked. Others wanted them so I started making "tootsie covers" to sell. I also make bandana bibs. 


Northbrook Farms

Alpaca Wool Products

Berlin, MA

North Brook Farm was established in 1997, when Mike and Laura Busky purchased their first 2 alpacas.  Laura, a life-long knitter, was particularly interested in the fiber aspect of the farm.  She quickly added spinning and weaving to her fiber artistry skills.  She has since built a small business, offering a variety of alpaca garments and housewares that are completely USA made and sourced, some being handmade at the farm and sourced directly from her animals.

past artists 2018

Mary Cody


The Jewelry Tree

Clinton, MA

Ken Richards


Acrylic Paintings

New Bedford, MA

Past Artists 2017

Martin Miller



Berlin, MA

Mary Mikelk


Gourd Creations

Berlin, MA

Pat Roberts



Berlin, MA


Jenine Schmitt



Westborough, MA